Friday, May 25, 2007

AppleInsider | Closing the book on Apple's Mac mini

AppleInsider | Closing the book on Apple's Mac mini:

So is the Mac mini dead as this Appleinsider story says? I love the mini, but as time goes by and no update is forthcoming a major redesign starts to look less likely than a strategic rethink. I was hoping for a retooling of the mini as a home media machine (HDMI port instead of DVI, 802.11n, internal PSU), but as the Apple TV develops towards the inevitable revision it begins to make much more sense to focus on the cheaper home media platform. Though I can think of a good few scenarios in which the mini is an excellent fit, most people are probably getting upsold on the iMac. Switching to Mac? Don't just dump the tower, ditch your monitor, keyboard and the spaghetti and replace it all with an elegant all-in-one. Watch that proposition get even more compelling when the iMac gets updated for Leopard (at Apple Expo Paris in late September?) and the Apple TV gets a HDD boost (by December, I'd wager). bookmark this on

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