Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Explain to me again how this hurts the iPod

Silicon Alley Insider: Estimating Financial Impact of iTunes/NBC: Small, For Now, But We Still Expect Reconciliation:
Apple's iTunes store exists primarily as a way to promote iPod sales (and, down the line, perhaps gizmos like the iPhone and Apple TV). The pitch is one-stop shopping: Come to us, and you'll find all the music, TV, etc. that you need, in one place, with one pricing scheme. It's simple and it works. Steve Jobs doesn't need the revenue that NBC generates. But he does need to make sure consumers can find whatever content they want at his store. If they have to go elsewhere for that content, that new video iPod may look less appealing.

So, if Apple agrees to make it hard to put non-DRM content on the iPod then NBC will let them sell shows one day after they air. If they don't then those shows turn up on BitTorrent about an hour after they go out on the networks. I don't think I'll sweat over my purchase of the next iPod with video, which might well come tomorrow..

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