Friday, January 4, 2008

Negroponte: "Waah! Not Fair!"

Laptop-Project Founder Fa. ults Intel -
Mr. Negroponte proposed creating a $100 laptop three years ago as a way to bridge the technology divide between rich and poor countries. But the current model sells for $188 and because of increasing competition, OLPC has had trouble attracting large orders from governments.

Of course, it couldn't possibly be because it's a POS could it? I've seen videos and Flickr sets of some of the poor saps who went for the 'give-one-get-one' guilt trip deal trying to get anything done on the damn thing and, well really, give me a break. Are we really saying that if a developing nation wanted to buy a million laptops they couldn't negotiate the price of the Asus eee pc down to $200 or less? I know which I'd choose.

And for my money this is still the best comment on the whole fiasco.

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