Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple TV is growing

Funny this. I bought a new HD TV just after Christmas, and I popped into the Apple Store to check out the Apple TV specifications (it's likely that my new screen will eventually play host to more digital media than it does OTA stuff). Quite a few other people were doing the same. Richer Sounds informally told me they were blown away by the demand for bigger LCDs, and every other store I went into was boxing up display TVs for collection. The economy might slow this down, but if the last recession is anything to go by people will be saving money on expensive nights out and staying in with their home entertainment more.

AppleInsider on Apple TV:

Speaking in the company's financial results conference call, Cook said, "there was a tremendous tickup year over year [for Apple TV]. In fact unit sales were up over 3 times vs the year-ago quarter.  However let me be clear, we still consider this a hobby."

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