Monday, July 30, 2007

Gartenberg gets it right on HD-DVD vs BluRay

Stuart and I were having this very same discussion earlier today. He's thinking of moving from HD-DVD to upscaling and BluRay, but we agreed that there's not necessarily going to be a winner here, and that no-one was really buying either. I think discussing which one is in the lead is a bit like discussing which Linux distro has the biggest consumer desktop share. Michael Gartenberg - The Best is Still the Enemy of the Good:
Bottom line? The real competition here for both formats are not each other, it's DVD in the past and online distribution in the future. If consumers don't see a clear winner this holiday with some real compelling reason to buy, it's likely neither format wins.

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Pete Ashton said...

Possibly relevant, but I had an odd revelation when buying a MacBook the other month. By default it doesn't come with a Superdrive, which means I can't burn DVD-Rs. I thought this would be an issue but then it occurred to me that I don't burn DVDs anymore. CDRs are used to port small stuff around and anything larger goes on a hard drive. Plus the DVDRs I burnt a couple of years ago are dying.

So I went without. Once upload speeds increase to reasonable levels optical media will just vanish for backups.

Robert Sharl said...

I agree Pete, there's less and less I burn out to disk (is disk burning becoming the new printing?). I did though opt for the Superdrive in the MacBook I bought a couple of weeks ago. Just a completist I guess.