Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fighting Talk

Lance Ulanoff is pretty upbeat on Apple's rising fortunes in PC Mag:
The word of mouth for any Macintosh is remarkably good, and with the negative press that Vista is getting, the shine on Apple only gets better and better. To put it simply, Apple's Macintosh is becoming the most logical choice for those looking to buy a new computer. I know I, like Dvorak, find myself hard-pressed not to recommend a Mac desktop or laptop among the PC systems I often tout.

Will there come a time when I recommend only Macs? No. But the day when Apple owns a much, much bigger slice of the computer-market pie is now within view. Let's mark our calendars, shall we? I say that by Q1 2012, Apple will own 12 percent of the market. Anyone want to guess where it'll be by 2025?

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