Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stefan Lewandowski on the UCE website redesign

I probably shouldn't pass comment on this, but I will. Well said Stef. I wasn't as big a fan as you of the prior BIAD site, but the new one is a very poor joke:
My advice - whoever is in charge of the budget for this project should be asking some serious questions of their developer. Why are they using out-dated web development techniques? Why has the site gone out without being rigorously tested on users and staff? What price design and individuality of the various departments? What message is being sent out with such a poor visual layout? If you accept this level of design now, how long will you have to wait for the _next_ redesign? How out of date will the site look _then_? What do BIAD think of the site? Surely they’ve got a few talented people who know what they’re doing with a website hanging around? Ask them to lend a hand? Or is this a student project? Speak to HR? Hire a good designer to work on the site?

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