Monday, June 25, 2007

Sylvian World Tour

And speaking of musicians of whom we just can't get enough, the full list of tour dates for the David Sylvian world tour is now online, reminding me that I didn't pay Mike for the ticket for the Birmingham date:
7th Sept: Stockholm, China Theatre
8th Sept: Oslo, Sentrum Centre
9th Sept: Copenhagen, Royal Theatre
12th Sept: Dublin, Vicar Street
14th Sept: Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
15th Sept: Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
17th Sept London, Royal Festival Hall
18th Sept: Birmingham, Symphony Hall
20th Sept: Brussels, AB
21st Sept: Paris, La Cigale

That's just a selection, but if anyone wants to buy me a ticket for the Paris date as a birthday present, feel free. Of course, Scott Walker doesn't seem to have much time for Sylvian, as evidenced by his complete omission from the role-call of fans in the Scott Walker documentary, yet so many people who admire Walker admire Sylvian too. Strange, but apparently true.

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1 comment:

elkit said...

I see the world does not include the US. Oh well, can't say I blame him. ;-)