Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here's your next-gen UI, Webomatica

More on Jason's Webomatica Apple Rant wishlist. If it's still not evident how Leopard delivers the foundations for the kind of thing Jason's waiting for, this excellent InfoWorld article by Tom Yager should make things a lot clearer:
Platform newcomers, as well as developers in a hurry to get solutions to market, will find that Leopard not only provides unique and highly innovative facilities, it exposes them in ways that welcome developers of all stripes. As a result, Leopard's new features will be taken up extremely rapidly by developers, extending the transformation of the Mac platform from the OS all the way up end-user applications.

This is a must-read. I know a few people who'll be especially excited by the integration of Quartz Composer and Core Animation:

The relative ease with which this can be done paves the way for unimaginably beautiful, knowledge-dense, and productive user interfaces and information displays, not to mention the value in entertainment and consumer electronics software.
I can't wait.

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1 comment:

Webomatica said...

I can't wait either. Show me the money.

I'm sure you know as well as anybody that there is a big difference between possibility, execution, and mainstream adoption.

Apple's still not there yet. They're more likely than any other company to pull it off.

And I don't see the rest of the stuff in the Knowledge Navigator video, like voice recognition, a smart avatar, or a computer that learns and gets my work done fore me, even in Leopard.

I hope Steve has some skunk works projects on that stuff, too.