Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Metal Technology, ahem.

Ok, so I normally post about technology, software, design and stuff. This then must be about the design of stuff in metal. Honestly. It's also a heads-up to anyone who wants to buy me a really special birthday present:
The new 8" Darth Vader figure features a die cast body that was crafted in collaboration with Ootsuka Kikaku, popular for its 1/10 scale moveable body figure. Ootsuka Kikaku has extensive knowledge of alloy toys, coalescence and articulated toys. With a height of approximately 8-inches, over 20-points of articulation, and numerous detailed parts that combine to make the final figure, this new collectible is unlike anything else that has been offered in the world of Star Wars collecting!

Like I said, it's a design thing.

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