Monday, June 11, 2007

First, we take Blockbuster. / Technology - Apple gets head start in online rental:
The device that stands to benefit most from the launch of an Apple VOD service is Apple TV, however. The box allows content downloaded from iTunes to be viewed on a normal TV set. The company has not disclosed Apple TV sales but reports have suggested the product is struggling.That could change once there is high-quality content available to download and rent. “VOD gives the Apple TV box a lot more utility,” says one senior Hollywood studio executive. “Right now it’s just a way to move stuff from iTunes to your TV but it will end up becoming a way to directly order a movie to your TV.”
Does anyone think this wasn't the Apple TV plan all along? The 'DVD player for the Internet' line is both a smokescreen and an early shot across Walmart's bows at the same time. The first big target has to always have been the rental business.

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